One Year Anniversary

Effort: Performance & Rehabilitation is celebrating its first year of providing sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance training to Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area. In celebrating such a great year we’d like to thank everyone who has become a member of the Effort family to make Effort: Performance and Rehabilitation what it is.


Midwest Blackbirds Program

House Teams

Silver Mite

Gold Mite 1

Squirt 1

Squirt 2

Pewee 1

Pewee 2

Pewee 3

Bantam 1

Bantam 2

Travel Teams

Squirt A

Squirt AA

Pewee A

Bantam A

Illiana Blackbirds

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Calumet College of St. Joseph Wrestling

Moraine Valley Community College Women’s Basketball


Jessica Joy (Lake Central Hockey/Valparaiso Hockey)

Tabitha Burrink (Lake Central Soccer)

Ryle Platusic (Lake Central Softball)

Makayla Sullivan (Lake Central Cheerleading)

Renee Dinino  (Lake Central Track & Field)

Madylinn Hickey ( Vikings Hockey)

Claire Hickey (Vikings Hockey)

Matt Duvall (Lewis University Hockey)

Jasmine Adams (Thea Bowman Leadership Academy girls basketball)

Xavier Walker (Thea Bowman Leadersip Academy basketball and track/ Indiana University Track)

Emily Searer (Kankakee Valley Highschool)

Joe Shaughnessy (Crown Point Hockey)

Jake Enquist (Assisant Coach of the Illiana Blackbirds)

Max Karpikov (Illiana Blackbirds)

Abraham Vazquez ( Wrestling Coach)

Brooke Merritt

Jayden Evans (Midwest Blackbirds Bantam/Crown Point Hockey)

Mackenna Evans (Kout High School Cheerleading)

Sophia Harris (Illinois Lutheran Volleyball)

Audrey Harris (Midwest Blackbirds/ Crown Point Hockey)

Emily Henke (Lowel Highschool Tennis)

Olivia Henke ( Lowell Grade School Track & Field)

Alexa Henke (Lowell Grade School Track & Field)

Robin Osmolski (Purdue North Central Volleyball)

Sophie Sakeleris (Munster Cheerleading)

Malia Butler   (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Paige Hein  (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Madison Rolle  (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Mackenzie Rolle  (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Abby Martisek   (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Isabelle Martisek (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Cadence Moore (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Maddy Martel (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Sanaa Cannon (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Angel Sang (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Tiereney Rodgers (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Stepahanie Ramos (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Laci Gigglio (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Callie Joseph (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Yasmin Albor (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Kenadie Major (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Gianna White (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Megan Wagenblast (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Savannah Covacio (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Toni Wilson (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Raylee Jackson (Team Midwest Gymnastics)

Meredith Donovan (Team Midwest Gymastics)

Bridget Donovan (Team Midwest Gymastics)

Mariyah Palmer (Team Midwest Gymastics)

Abby Castellanos (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Kristofer Bonilla (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Georgia Cappas (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Sara Rivera (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Shelby Noonan (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Emma Speck (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Miah Bruns (Midwest Trampoline and Tumbling)

Matthew Coronado (Boone Grove Baseball)

Kiersten Gora (Marian Catholic Cheerleading)

Trevor Donnelley (Midwest Blackbirds)

Jacob Veihman ( Midwest Blackbirds)

Justin Finley ( Midwest Blackbirds)

Brianna Pollachek (Midwest Blackbirds)

Ethan Anderson ( Midwest Blackbirds)

Bradley Ames ( Midwest Blackbirds)

Kristine Neumeyer

Cheryle Muench

Kathi Burrink

Robert Burrink

Stephanie Peters

Kathleen Nuemeyer

Jim Kick

Angel Mills

Judy Redmond

Nicole Roethle

Derek Serbon



A Special Thanks to Derek Serbon for his hard work remodeling our office.

A Special Thanks to my fellow Athletic Trainers for their efforts; Natasha Zurek and Samantha Lucente, Maggie Butler, Jose Salas, and Andrew Timbrook.

A Special thanks to the Eileen Butcher and The Midwest Training and Ice Center and Mike Ward of The Dyer Indoor Soccer Fields for partnering with us providing facilities for us to call home.

It has been a great year and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without any of you! Thank you so much again everybody we look forward to another great year.

(If we failed to mention anyone please make sure you let us know and we will gladly add you to the list and if you have any pictures you’d like to add please feel free to send them to us)

Audric R. Warren



One Year Anniversary

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