Welcome Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Effort: Performance & Rehabilitation would like to welcome Thea Bowman Leadership Academy to the Effort family. Thea Bowman Leadership Academy is a charter school lated in Gary, Indiana educating grades k-12. Thea Bowman is highly sought after as a choice charter school and has a student population of over 1000. In order to create life-long learners, Thea Bowman strives to provide an educational foundation where students can become proactive, knowledgeable, and cultured participants of society, exemplary of problem-solving and community leadership. Their athletic programs have also ¬†found success over the past few years. Since their inception into tournament play in 2009 the boy’s basketball program has won two state titles and have also had a state champion in boys track and field.

As Thea Bowman Leadership Academy looks to grow and excel in the arena of athletics, Effort:Performance & Rehabilitation is partnering with them to provide sports medicine outreach. This partnership will allow student-athletes to have a safe environment to play by providing an Athletic Trainer at all home events, quick and direct access to quality treatment from qualified healthcare providers for their musculoskeletal injuries, baseline concussion testing, and concussion management. We look forward to providing these services to Thea Bowman Leadership Academy. Welcome again to the Effort family!


Audric Warren


Welcome Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

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